Sunday, 7 July 2013

inside my uni bedroom | fresher year

it's official. i miss uni already. i've only been gone just over a week and i'm missing it beyond belief. obviously i miss all the people but strangely i really miss my old uni room! it hold so many memories for me and i'm really not feeling ready to let go of it yet, even though inevitably someone else will be living there next year. so i thought whilst i was feeling all nostalgic i would do a post all about my little corner at university that i made my own.

i meant to do this post when i actually moved into halls last september but everything was so hectic i never go round to it. these weren't intended to be used as photos either. in fact i took them on my phone to send to my mum so she could see how i'd decorated after she left (hence the clearly rushed and poor quality images) but i really wanted to show all of you where i made my home this year.

as you can see at the time i took these photos i was still sort of unpacking. but considering i'd only moved in a few hours before i think it looks pretty homely. everyone always joked that i'd brought ten times the amount of stuff everyone else did to uni which, although very true, is what made my room mine. i've always been one of those people to surround themselves with organised clutter and it wouldn't have felt right moving somewhere new and not taking it with me!

my favourite part of the room is definitely my  picture collage and i can proudly say i kept it until 10 minutes before i moved out. it truly defined my room and kept all of my friends right at the forefront of my mind, just as i had intended it to. it's definitely making a reappearance next year joined with all of my favourite pictures and memories from this year, something to make my room totally mine.

although i'm already starting to make plans for next year it doesn't stop me missing my own little home away from home, and i can't wait to get back and do it all over again! i'm back in halls again next year as i'm on hall committee (before people ask it's really common for people at my uni to stay in halls!) so my room next year will probably be pretty similar. the difference is, now i know what i really need to take and what junk to leave at home. so expect a fully refined room post coming your way this september.

big ♥,



  1. i used to put pictures all over my walls but since i live with my boyfriend and have a baby we keep it adult? hahah stil surrounded by pictures tho :P

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