Wednesday, 17 July 2013

july seaside splash glossy box

glossy box is a beauty box that continues to impress me. i don't think i have ever opened a box and found nothing i like. i very rarely blog about the boxes as once you've read one review you've pretty much seen them all... but this summertime box was too cute to pass up!

the july glossy box* is designed to help you prep for that seaside getaway and is full of products to both prepare you and aid you when you arrive! i was happy to see the coola mineral sunscreen in my box as i'm trialling a few few at the moment before my holiday! although spf20 isn't really alot i'm still excited to see how it works out. a nice ciate nail polish is always a welcomed addition to any beauty box especially in this gorgeous summery shade. the facial spritz will be perfect to chuck in my bag during hot days out, alongside the texture mist to help me get beachy waves on the go. i'm particularly excited to try out the nip+fab blackhead buster, as blackheads are something i've always really struggled with. no matter how much my skin improved they still won't budge! so here's hoping this might make a difference!

i'm really pleased with this months glossy box! there really is nothing in it that i won't use, and i'm so excited to start trying it all out!

what did you get in your glossy box? have you tried any of these products?

big ♥,


  1. Looks like a super nice box this month! I think it's always exciting when you see a nail polish in the box! The blackhead buster also looks interesting, I hope you'll do a review on it! (:

    1. Most definitely! I'm really excited to try it out. I'm just hoping it really does live up to all its promises!

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