Friday, 12 July 2013

shopping the summer sales

| boots £40- topshop | nude heels £24.99- h&m | jewellery £1 each- republic | jumper £9.99- h&m |
| concealer £4.19- boots |

last week i took i trip out to say goodbye to my best friend before she heads off on her placement and as was to be expected we had our usual day out involving shopping and nandos. key elements in any girls life. it had been far too long since i had last been out actually looking at nice things for myself so i took the opportunity to pick up a few bits i'd been looking for for a while.

every girl needs a pair of nude heels and a good pair of boots and up until this trip i had been without both! i'd tried on so many pairs of heels in the past but each shade wasn't quite right, either too pink or too nude (yes i am a little fussy). this pair is just the right mix for my skin shade and the perfect height to wear out without me looking like a giant! the boots are a lot higher than i would usually buy but there was something about these that made me fall in love. i'd never really got the love of chelsea boots.. they reminded me too much of my horse riding boots i used to wear! and yet these have become a wardrobe staple for me... even though it's summer! and to top it all off they were reduced from £62! bargain!

i didn't really need the jewelley... i never do. and yet here we are again. the rack in republic was crammed full of jewllery, most of it only £1! what's a girl to do in that situation really?! as for the jumper, it was a bit of a random purchase i just thought it might be nice to chuck over summer dresses on cold evenings.

an all round successful trip i'd say! i've managed to cross a few bits off my list, but i've definitely added a lot more since! have you picked up anything nice recently? any shops i need to pop into?

big ♥,


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