Thursday, 4 July 2013

things i'd tell my teenage self

i thinking everyone has a few things they look back on from their teenage years and think 'what the hell was i doing?!'. i may have only just crossed over into the scary realms of adulthood but i still have a list of little tips i'd give myself if i could go back and meet myself on my 13th birthday....

1. think before you dye your hair
yes it does look nice. and yes i know you've always wanted blonde hair but it will lead you on a 7 year quest to regain your natural hair (one which i am still yet to accomplish!) i'm not telling you not to do it at all... just please dear god really think about what you are doing and how its going to impact you in years to come. in fact i'd even suggest going to a hairdresser rather than letting one of your equally clueless friends have a stab at it. (and no when you try to go from dark brown to blonde again at age 16 the day before xmas it will not end well.... just saying)

2. don't worry about your skin
yes you may think your skin is horrendous but actually you'll look back at pictures in years to come and comment on how beautiful and clear it looks. yes it's not perfect and sadly it would seem you're not to be destined for a perfect supermodel complexion but keep trying to find that perfect remedy. each one helps get you that little bit closer and eventually you'll find the one you need. but until then don't dwell on it. you have far more important things to worry about.

3. don't take on too much
even when you leave you're teenage years people will still be giving you this piece of advice! i know you want to be involved in everything. you never like to miss an opportunity. but just watch it. it's better that you do a few things well than a thousand things half heartedly. but don't waste time on things you hate. do the things that make you happy and fill your hours with as many of these things as possible, because if you love it you'll always want to give it everything you have.

4. fight those tough times, you'll come out stronger
there are going to be some shit times. and i mean really, really shit, but its these things that are going to make you the person i am today. all those time when people aren't supporting you and you wan to give up just remind yourself that in less than 10 years times its going to make you so strong. it may be hard now but the person you'll become will be barely recognisable.

5. don't be disappointed when your hard work doesn't seem to pay off
this is maybe the hardest lesson. disappointment is tough and trust me you'll get it in bucket loads. but know that everything happens for a reason and one day it'll all make sense. sometimes a door has too slam shut for a better one to open.

6. you're beautiful
you might not see it right now, but you will look back at how you are now and envy yourself. that effortless beauty that you have everyday is something that i would kill for now so appreciate every second of it.

big ♥,


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