Monday, 5 August 2013

avon ultra colour lip crayons

| avon ultra colour lip crayons* in risque rose, showstopper pink, reddy for me, carefree coral, fresh fuchsia (L-R)- £7.50 |
these were the big hit at the avon event. every person i spoke to had their eye on the bright pink shade and i can see why! the shades are all highly pigmented and are easy to apply (i believe it is the addition of shea butter and vitaman e that does this?), giving a glossy finish. a few shades have a slight shimmer and this is worth noting when you are picking shades, if that is something that you don't like of course. however i would add that the shimmer is only slight and not very noticeable on the lips. they aren't as moisturising as say the revlon kissable lip balms, but they certainly aren't drying. this is only five of the six shades available (the other being 'notice me nude') but there is a nice spread of colours available to choose from. 

at £7.50 i'd say these are comparable in price and quality to other high street brands offering the same sort of product. they are definitely worth a look at if you happen to be doing an order and i still live in hope of avon one day being readily available in a store somewhere!

are you a lip crayon fan? any other brands i should try?

big ♥,


  1. I haven't shopped at Avon for ages, this is making me want to go shop on there now hehe xx

  2. Gorge colours, love the coraly one x

  3. I know! I remember us saying it would be so good if Avon were available in a store x

    Nav | Navilicious Beauty

  4. Such a lovely colour range, really like carefree coral xx

  5. These look really nice I love showstopper pink and carefree coral! X

  6. love this :) never really given Avon a whirl but I definitely will be now!

    The showstopper pink and carefree coral are stunning and perfect for summer!

    Now following on BL

  7. These look gorgeous!

    Nyss x

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