Friday, 9 August 2013

beauty things i suck at

i've seen quite a few people talking about this on youtube and it got me thinking. there is definitely a level of pressure that comes with being a beauty blogger. when i tell people i'm a blogger people definitely assume that means i have perfect make up 24/7, can answer every make-up/hair question they could ever think of  and can achieve every complicated look to grace every magazine cover ever. (that or they ask me what it is!) i can't. in fact there is a who host of beauty things that i suck at.....

putting on eye shadow
when i wear eye shadow i stick to a few neutral shades. it involves minimal blending and you can't go too horrendously wrong. but if i stray from what i know it all goes wrong! i've watched many a tutorial and practised for hours on end but i just don't seem to get any better. i really need to sort this one out because my ever growing eye product collection is sat gathering dust....

shaping my eyebrows
i cannot do it. yes i can pluck them but getting them to resemble any sort of shape other than 'yes here i am' is impossible. i'm lucky in that my brows require minimal effort. they are quite well defined and very rarely grow very unruly but that doesn't stop we lusting after something more shapely. i long for gorgeous thick, shaped brows which help provide a starting point for the strenuous task of preparing my face each day. i know i can pay to have them done but wouldn't life be so much easier if i could just do it myself?

curling my hair
last xmas my mama bought me a curling iron. i'd wanted one for ages as i was anxious to create the beautiful tumbling ringlets i see everyday on some of my favourite bloggers. i curled each strand with anticipation but low and beyond my head looked like something from toddlers and tiaras. the curls were far too tight and didn't sit well on my head. no matter how much i practice i just can't get it right. dear god please someone teach me!

what beauty things do you suck at? please tell me i'm not alone!

big ♥,


  1. I'm not very good at curling my hair either!

    xo, Inês

  2. Haha I laughed because I feel like I suck at all the same things! I know for sure that I have trouble with eyeshadow,I can never blend shadows out like they do in YT videos :( xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  3. I can definitely relate to some of these including the brows and hair curling! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle


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