Wednesday, 28 August 2013

current favourites

i don't do monthly favourites simply because i don't tend to switch around my products often enough to warrant doing them. but every now and again i find a nice selection of new bits and bobs to share. most of these i took away with me on holiday 

the sleek blusher palette is one i had lusted after for such a long time! the shades in the 'lace' palette are just exquisite and suit my complexion perfectly. they are also pocket sized, so you get 3 shades in easily manageable sizes which are still small enough to chuck into a travel bag. the mua pro-brow kit* was one i grabbed from my collection in a rush as i packed. i had never got much use out of it but it has been a godsend this month. there is a mix of two powder shades alongside a set of tweezers, a brush, a highlighting powder and an eyebrow gel. my ever changing hair colour means that i need to have access to a variety of different powder shades and i found that through mixing the two shades i was able to get a pretty good colour for my brows. as always i had my trusty mascara by my side and this month i've been trying out the nyc showtime mascara. i can honestly say this may be my favourite mascara ever. it does everything i have ever wanted in a mascara and it is cheap as chips! i know i don't need to buy any more mascaras but this is a definite repurchase!

the heat in spain can lead to you feeling a little dishevelled and i found a couple of products were super helpful in making me feel fresh and clean again! the anatomicals 'spray misty for me' facial spritz* contains a variety of fancy ingredients from peppermint, to aloe and witch hazel making it wonderfully soothing on the skin. a part of me wants to shrug it off as fancy water but i know that water would not give anywhere near the same effect! the perfect flying companion  in my eyes. as for my hair, i used a variety of products but these are two that have stayed in my routine upon my return. i've always loved batiste dry shampoo but i'd never tried this brown one. i love it not only because it refreshes my hair but it also hides my ever growing roots effectively! i also used the aussie 'take the heat' leave in cream. i alternated this product with my aussie leave in conditioner, putting it in my hair before i sat in the sun. my hair was definitely far less dry and brittle than on other holidays and i am sure it was down to those products!

as for skin care i kept it to a bare minimum when i was on holiday keeping up with my usual bioderma and simple day cream combo but you can't go out in the spanish heat without a good facial spf. i started off using up a couple of samples i got in glossy boxes but when i ran out of those i picked up this nivea sun cream in the local supermarket. it feels far lighter than a sun cream you would use for your body and the spf 50 is definitely reassuring. i've actually continued using it in the uk and it is perfect to pop on before your make-up. i bought the simple eye cream around the same time as my day cream but never got around to using it. its far better than i had imagined, working beautifully in conjunction with my day cream. it's gentle and the perfect consistency, making it easy to apply. i can't decide if i like it as much as the balance me eye cream i was using before but it is definitely making my skin below my eyes look nice so who am i to complain!

have you got any favourite products at the moment?

big ♥,


  1. I'm wanting the Lace palette so bad!

    1. I had it on my wishlist for so long that I couldn't resist it anymore! Definitely worth looking at!

  2. thank you!


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