Thursday, 1 August 2013

my favourite fitness apps

my weight loss journey is well and truly under way and i am not ashamed to say i've had a little help on the way. obviously i've had help from my mama, as my slimming world consultant she keeps me on the straight and narrow but when she isn't there i have to look to other sources. nowadays there are so many different apps and websites to help you loose weight and get fit, but here are my favourites.

the eatery| FREE
this is basically food instagram (that would be normal instagram then....) you take pictures of your meals and snacks, which people then rate based on how healthy they think it is. you are then given a % at the end of the week for hopw healthy your week has been. i love going through and rating other peoples food! i get so many great ideas, and it';s also nice to be able to scroll through your own food and see what you've been eating. it's a bit like a visual food diary.

myfitnesspal | FREE
although i'm a member of slimming world i still like to be aware of the amount of calories i consume a day. this app lets you record your exercise for the day and any food you have so you know your overall daily calorie intake. there is also the option to input how much you want to loose each week and the app will tell you your max calories you should consume each day to achieve your goal. not bad for something completely free!

workout apps | FREE (but can pay to upgrade for further exercises)
i use a variety of different youtube channels and videos for ideas for exercises but these are handy if i'm out on the go and fancy doing something a bit active. each app has a selection of exercises and workouts designed to help tone up and burn fat depending on which one you use. they are all made by the same company so they all have a similar format. each exercise is explained step by step and you have the option to upgrade each one if you want more exercises.

run keeper | FREE
this is a great app for anyone looking to document their workouts. i put it on before i start a workout and then follow a programme. it allows me to see how far i've run and documents my route i have taken that day. there is a variety of one off or long term programmes you can follow, so there really is something for everyone. as it's free i'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to start running or someone who already runs and just wants to document it more easily!

slimming world | FREE
i mainly use this app for the 'syns on the go' feature. anyone who has done/is doing slimming world will know that when you want to eat something not knowing the syn value is highly frustrating. the app allows you to log in using your website details and type in a product name or food type and then give you the value instantly. this is a life saver!

5k runner| £1.99 (but has a free trial, of 4 workouts)
i'm planning on doing the colour run in brighton this coming September so i've been using this app to get me prepared. it starts from the absolute beginning and works up to 5k using 3 workouts every week for 8 weeks. i've been doing about 5 a week so it should obviously take me a lot less time but it allows you the option to do it as much or little as you so wish. this is by far my favourite of all the apps and always leaves me feeling motivated and happy. worth every penny.

what apps do you use? have you found any fitness apps i should download?

big ♥,


  1. I have most of these apps. I love My Fitness Pal. I wish the slimming world app was more in depth though xx

  2. I have the My Fitness Pal app! It's really easy to use and to count calories :)xo
    Catherine | Vanilla. Fashion. Thoughts.

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