Monday, 19 August 2013

pool side reading

every year i take a trip down to the library ans stock up on books to take on holiday. it's a time when i really allow myself to be fully immersed in readign again and renew my love of reading which can often be lacking by the end of the academic year. i really enjoyed alot of the books i picked up so i thought i would share my thoughts on each with you

shutter island- dennis lehane
i still can't quite make my mind up on this book. i wouldn't say i was running around raving about it but i certainly always wanted to read more and see what happened next. the story followed two men as they travel to 'shutter island' to help search for an escaped mental patient but nothing is quite as it seems. i still don't quite know how i feel about the ending but i suppose that's the effect the author wanted the readers to leave with. i'm thinking perhaps watching the film might help me make a final decision on how i really feel about it. saying that i would still recommend this, but it is pretty heavy so be aware.

little bird- camilla way
this was the book i thought i would enjoy the least and it actually ended up being one of my favourites! the story begins when elodie is snatched from her pram as a baby and switches between two time periods following various different characters in their everyday lives. you think you know exactly where this story is going and but the twists and turns still manage to shock. this really is my sort of book and i'd be interested to have a look at some books by the same author.

rivers of london- ben aaronovitch
i think this is my favourite of all the books i picked up. i got it after seeing it on bee's blog and wasn't sure it was really my thing. the synopsis does not do the book justice at all and in fact really gives very little away. it's a nice mix of fantasy and crime set in modern day london. it reminds me a little of the sort of books i used to read as a teenager, although it is most definitely written for adults. probably my most highly recommended of all five.

one day- david nicholls
i broke every book readers golden rule and watched the film before i read this, but i don't feel like this hindered my enjoyment of it at all. if i'm honest i couldn't remember much of the film but as i read it bits did begin to come back. the book follows dexter and emma from university right through, spanning 20 years and the lives they create for themselves. i cried, as every sane person would and found the storyline touching and gripping at the same time.

the great gatsby- f.scott fitzgerald
i'll be honest... i know everyone seems to love the great gatsby but i just couldn't get into this. i read about 50 pages before giving up and starting another book. i do plan to go back to it but i can't help but think it may have been built up too much? does it get better?

what have you been reading lately? what should i add to my library list?

big ♥,


  1. I love book related posts! I used to love going down to the Library when I was younger, but now I seem to have collected a ton of books, along with One Day too, looking forwarding to reading it! Have a good holiday! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

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