Friday, 2 August 2013

so get yourself on an aeroplane

| maxi dress- republic | jumper- h&m | sandals- new look | bag- stolen from my mama |

that happy face up there is courtesy of seeing the sunshine upon landing in malaga.  i'm really picky with what i wear on planes: skirts tend to be too short and denim is too uncomfortable. so when i found this dress in my wardrobe i was sure i's be taking it on holiday, and more than that it was perfect for flight wear. it's nice and light so perfect for when the heat of Spain hit me on the other side, but with the addition of the jumper it was warm enough to combat the english weather at 4am (remind me to never book an early flight again!). now i've got the problem of deciding what to wear for the flight home!

big ♥,


  1. I'm fussy what I wear on planes too. I have got a cotton dress this year, but at moment cant decide whether its too short, I may find a maxi instead :)

  2. I tend to go for leggings and a long top on flights, with a hoody in my handluggae. I'm someone who is cold all the time, but I definitely dress for comfort but presentable on flights! x


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