Thursday, 29 August 2013

vivo shimmer blocks

| (l-r) vivo shimmer bronzer block* in 'fully loaded shimmer' and blusher block* in 'shimmer and spice' £3.99- tesco/online |

i've never been a massive fan of shimmer bricks. whilst everyone else seemed to love the i just never really understood the point. but when i swatched these bad boys i found i could not have been more wrong!

the shades that you get from swirling the colours together in the pan is just beautiful. the colours have such depth and are definitely shimmery as opposed to glittery. these can be worn with all the shade swirled together (as seen above) or one section separately but i found that logistically far more difficult! the colours are highly pigmented and are easy to apply and blend, with minimal fallout. at only £3.99 they are definitely worth a look on your next trip into tesco!

do you like shimmer blocks? any i should check out?

big ♥,


  1. ooo these look great! Xx

    1. I didn't expect to like them but the shades are gorgeous! x

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