Tuesday, 17 September 2013

5 products i'm glad i didn't purchase

as a blogger it's easily to get caught up in product hype. i have a tendency to rush out and buy products that everyone is talking about without really thinking about whether i will actually use them. every now and again i resist and my life continues on... so i thought i'd reflect on the few products that i'm glad i never picked up.
1) sleek pout paints
a great idea. i'm sure i would have had great fun with them for a few weeks but i get bored easily. i like being able to get my make-up done as quickly as possible and i know i would never end up using them just to save time in the mornings.

2) naked 2 palette
i have to admit i'm still so tempted to buy this... but i know if i do i'll never use it. i have so many eyeshadows in my drawers that i don't get anywhere near enough use out of and a lot of them are very similar shades to this palette. someone please stop me!

3) chanel nail polish
i've lusted after many a chanel nail varnish but after talking to a few people about them all i've heard is how badly they chip! most nail varnishes chip pretty quickly on me anyway, so i can only imagine how quickly these would work their way off my nails!

4) nyx glitter palettes
these always look so beautiful but i only ever seem to wear glitter for fancy dress now days. i've also read a few reviews that said the glitter comes off with the top layer which is a little disappointing to hear. 

5) caudalie beauty elixir
some people claim this is their holy grail product and others have said it's nothing more than a flavoured water. i have a feeling i wouldn't be a fan on the scent and i wouldn't be too happy to spend all that money if it didn't end up working for me. i have quite a few other facial sprays in my collection at the moment so it's probably best i never bought it!

what products are you glad you didn't buy?

big ♥,


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