Monday, 9 September 2013

cooking at uni

the stereotypical student diet is a wonderful mix of super noodles and take-away pizza but in reality it can be so different. i saw so many students come to uni with such appalling cooking skills, that all they were qualified to cook were ready meals. cooking for yourself (or others) can be so simple once you know how. it's just a case of preparation and knowledge.

i like to think i eat fairly healthy at university. obviously i have my off days. i love nothing more than a pizza after a night out and i am partial to the odd meal deal but in general i can't wait to get home and eat a salad after a long day of lectures!

i found in my first term that i was more tempted to reach for convenience foods because i didn't have time to cook properly. so as the year went on i found that by preparing meals when i have a few hours free i was able to freeze them to make quick meals. by having vegetables pre-cut, or meals pre-portioned i can food quickly and easily without reaching for a take away menu.

as well as not having time it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to food, so i took a big book full of all my favourite recipes from home. that way when i was feeling a bit homesick i just gave my mum a ring and cooked up a big plate of something homely and warming. exactly what i needed!

there truly is no replacement for good, home cooked food (not even a dominoes!) and i can't wait to get back and try out all my new recipes!

do you like to cook? what sort of food do you eat on a daily basis?

big ♥,

ps, fear not i'll be returning to my usual postings tomorrow! it's only one week until i head off to uni and i can hardly contain my excitement! writing these posts certainly didn't help my yearning to get back!


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