Sunday, 8 September 2013

decorating your uni room

you room at university truly is a home away from home. i spent a lot of time making my room my own  last year (see this post) but i did it relatively cheaply with only a few extra elements to me it 'me'. so for all of you planning your i have a few suggestions to make it your own.

throws and pillows
a lot of halls of residence don't have a living space within the flat so if you're like me you're bed may end up being used as a sofa instead! you can make it a lot more comfortable by bringing some pretty pillows and a nice warm blanket (you'll be thankful for it when you're feeling ill!)

photos add a completely personal touch to any room. you can also have great fun finding a unique way to display them. some people put them on their pin board. others use them to create a boarder. i displayed mine in a sort of mural on my wall and also had some in a frame on my desk, for me its a case of the more the better and i've already ordered 50 more prints for this year!

whether it's a china figurine from your gap year or a childhood money box they not only remind you of home but can also be a great conversation starter. select them carefully as too many can cause clutter.

pretty storage
practical can and should be pretty. storage is a necessity in any student room and if you can make it look nice its a bonus! ikea do some great simple boxes but i've also found some great pieces in places like matalan. 

everyone loves getting flowers so instead of waiting for a secret admirer to send me some my mum send me to uni with a baby money plant to nurture. her mum had done the same for her when she moved into her first house so it was a natural progression. a plant makes the room feel so much more fresh and alive, plus i'm sure there is some positive feng shui vibes attached to it somewhere.

the lighting in halls of residence can be quite harsh and i found that having a light by my bed was really useful. next yeah i also plan to take one for my desk for those late night revision sessions. if your looking for something a little more decorative i definitely recommend fairy lights! you can get them really cheap (sometimes they have them in the pound shop!) and with so many different varieties there is bound to be some you like.

how do you decorate your room? 

big ♥,


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