Thursday, 12 September 2013

l'oreal super liner

| l'oreal super liner in black vinyl- £6.99 boots/superdrug |

when anyone asks me to recommend a liquid eyeliner it is an easy choice. i have a few different brands in my collection but this beauty from l'oreal is always the winner. 

the nib is quite long and fairly thin, making it easy to apply and create a nice shape. the colour is a highly, pigmented true black which provides you with a strong frame for your eyes. Perfect to complete any make-up look, particularly in the evenings. in addition to this i think the best thing about the product is that once on, it truly does not budge! on the odd occasion when i fall asleep with my make-up still on (*slaps self on the wrist*) it is still entirely intact when i wake up! you can't really hope for anything more than that!

have you got a product you always recommend?

big ♥,

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