Monday, 16 September 2013

lush think pink bath ballistic & pop in the bath bubble bar

think pink bath ballistic £2.50 , pop in the bath bubble bar £2.95 - lush |
i was never big on lush. to me it always felt overpriced and as i only have a shower at uni i never really get a chance to sample the bath products but these two definitely caught my eye! as i'm heading back to uni today it felt like the perfect time to reflect on two of my most recent favourite bath time products.

the think pink bath ballistic is the most gorgeous colour. the pastel pink shade transforms in a bright pink in the bath. i looks almost like liquid raspberry jelly! the lavender scent is hardly detectable. instead i can smell what i imagine to be the tonka, with hints of vanilla. placing this in your bath is the cosmetics equivalents of getting a great big hug and for £2.50 i have a feeling i'll be picking it up again!

the pop in the bath bubble bar was something that intrigued me. i've heard so much about the bubble bars and i thought it was finally time to see how one of them works. this particular one is made in four random colour combinations so you can pick up a different colour based on how you feel. the fragrance is sweet and citrus-y, which is released when you crumble it under running bath water. it works just like a normal bubble bath creating mountains of bubbles, obviously varying dependant on how much you put it. mine lasted me a good 5/6 baths which works out at about 50p per bath. worth every penny!

what do you think about lush? anything you would recommend?

big ♥,


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