Saturday, 14 September 2013

shake shack

a few weekends a go i had the pleasure of heading up to covent garden to get my phone fixed (fyi it's still broken and i hate you apple.) whilst i waited for my appointment my lovely friend holly and i decided to pop over to shake shack for a spot of lunch. it seems to be the go to place for every blogger at the moment and i can definitely see what all the hype is about.

hollie opted for a shackburger and a chocolate milkshake, whilst i had a shackago dog, loaded with all variety of toppings, as well as a milkshake of the peanut butter variety. then obviously we had to share some cheesey chips! the food was wonderfully fresh and tasted absolutely delicious. the milkshakes flavour wasn't too overpowering but looking back on it i wish i'd added a bit of caramel to mine! next time i pop up to london i'll have to get myself one of those shackburgers, they look amazing!

on an entirely unrelated note how amazing is this van! it was selling hair accessories just outside the centre in covent garden. i can't help but imagine how amazing it would be to travel around in one of these, stopping at some beautiful places along the way!

big ♥,


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