Monday, 2 September 2013

vaseline pro derma deodorant

| vaseline deodorant* in active fresh, aloe fresh, double invisible and derma beauty £1.86 |
i don't normally talk about deodorant... for a lot of brands it is a case of, you've tried one you've tried them all. i'd never picked up a vaseline on before and i have to say i have been impressed. with so many variations in the range i've been using different deodorants dependant on my mood. the double invisible is one i lean towards on a hot day or a night out, can't be dealing with unsightly marks on my clothes! the derma blend deodorant has the most gorgeous floral scent and is great for longer days at work when i know i'm going to have to work hard! the active fresh scent reminds me of going to the gym or doing a workout mainly because its the one i reach towards for those moments. the scent really lends itself to this. as for the aloe fresh scent it is a great everyday scent which i tend to keep hidden in my handbag for those emergency moments.  all the deodorants claim to last for a minimum of 24hrs and contain 0% alcohol. with those claims for less than £2 you can't really say no!

am i the only one who switches up my deodorant?

big ♥,


  1. Cant say I have ever seen a deodorant review but why not! We all use it, and its really important. After years of every spray giving me eczema this is the only brand that dosent.

    Great post and now following via GFC

    Mel x

    1. Exactly what I thought! So glad you found one that finally works for you! x


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