Thursday, 5 September 2013

what to take to uni

like every other student when i found out i'd got into university i went off searching for a list of 'what to take to university'. a lot of lists are a bit overwhelming so here is a basic run-down of what i took (give or take a few items!)

- clothes- don't pack everything. you'll probably have less room than you do at home and you're bound to pick up so stash! so think about what you really need.
- extension leads
- stationary, notebooks and folders
- printer, with ink and paper
- passport, copies of passport photos and copies of important documents inc. student finance and exam certificates
- space saving storage- plastci shelving, stackable boxes etc
- cutlery, plates, pots and pans, plus everything else you need for your kitchen- this is down to personal preference and the level of cooking you will be doing
- fancy dress- you will use it
- bedding- duvet, pillows, sheets (some may be supplied)
- alarm clock
- laundry basket
- door stop- propping your door open is the best thing you can do!
- clothes horse
- desk lamp (may be supplied)
- toiletries- don't go mental with the products!
- envelopes and stamps- you won't think you'll need will
- NHS medical number and vaccination history- you need this to sign up to your dr at uni and it's a pain to find later!
- small first aid kit- basic items like plasters and paracetamol as a minimum
- needle and thread- for sewing buttons back on etc
- weekend bag- for when you want to pop home/visit friends
- clothes hangers
- little whiteboard- i stuck mine on my room door and it provided endless hours of fun
- bluetack- you'll find things you want to stick up!
- usb pen- don't always rely on email to transfer your documents!
- pack of cards- when you want to play ring of fire no one ever seems to have any!

there are a few other bits and bobs that are personal to every person and certain uni's will provide some bits, so definitely check with them! these were just things that i take with me.

can any of you think of anything i've missed off?

big ♥,


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