Sunday, 10 November 2013

karmin g3 salon pro hair styling iron

| karmin g3 salon pro hair styling iron in pink* - $189.95 online |
When this arrived on my door step i almost cried. i have wanted a set of pink straighteners for as long as i can remember, but whilst there is still life in my ghd's i had no reason to get a new set.

what drew me to this set was the list of claims that come alongside them.  the straighteners come in 3 different colours (just in case pink isn't your thing) and claim to use negative ions and infrared heat to remove static and leave you with silky, shiny hair. they also use ion field technology which seals in natural oils.

i have to admit a lot of the problems these straighteners claim to help aren't things i have to face on a daily basis... however whilst using these my hair was very shiny and nice feeling? so that can only be a good thing!

will these replace my ghd's? i'm not so sure. but they are the perfect size to chuck in my bag for a trip away and i know i'll get use out of them. the free shipping from the website it a massive plus (especially as i believe they are sent over from the usa) but it is a bit of a pain having an international plug (you can pick up an adapter on the cheap, or you may have one lying around somewhere.) overall i'd say it's a nice, compact sized tool in a pretty colour. a nice addition to any make-up table.

have you tried karmin? what are your favourite straighteners?

big ♥,


  1. Best brand of flat iron I have ever used is the Karmin Salon Pro Styling Iron!

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