Saturday, 9 November 2013

so...? fragrances

| so...? sexy*, so...? eternal*, so...? rock me* fragrances |

so..? fragrances always remind me of my early teenage years. after pe it was this product which formed the overwhelming scent in the changing rooms. i was curious to see if a product i had loved so much all those years ago could still capture my heart and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised!

'so...? sexy' was a scent that i had previously tried a sample of and it's right up my street. it smells sweet and floral but with a little hint of adult. it really makes so...? seem less childish and is something i am happy to chuck in my handbag and carry around.

'so...? eternal' was the only eau do toilette i tried and it's not my favourite.... the initial scent smelt almost medicinal. this did fade but the scent it left was still not one i would reach for. it was slightly less sweet than i would usually go for but was still very overwhelmingly floral. a bit of a disappointment for me but may be better suited to someone else.

'so...? rock me' has to be my favourite of the three! it's a very fruity scent and nice and sweet without being overpowering. the smell just screams summer and it the perfect way to bring me out of my winter gloom!

prices vary depending on where you are buying from but in general they are cheap as chips!

have you tried so...? fragrances before? which is your favourite?

big ♥,


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