Friday, 25 January 2013

no7 loose powder

| no7 loose powder £10.50- boots |

i keep meaning to do a review of this and never seem to get round to it, mainly because it's so blooming hard to photograph! but finally i managed to take some pictures that are almost acceptable and t least give you some idea of what it is like.

i  think this is my favourite powder out of all the ones i own. i first picked it up four or so years ago when i had a no7 voucher hanging around. so really it was just luck that we found each other! there  are only 3 shades (as well as a transparent powder) which can be a little annoying, but luckily the light shade is a great match for my winter skin. what i love about this is that it provides me with coverage, without looking cakey. i suffer from quite bad scarring and redness so any extra coverage is a god send to me, helping me achieve that (almost) flawless finish. the packaging is a bit bulky and difficult to use, in that it can be a bit messy getting the product out, but that is a small price to pay for something that makes my skin look so much better than any other product of its kind ever did! and.... i found it completely by accident!

what amazing products have you discovered by accident?

nb the recent re-branding of no7 has meant that this product has new packing but it is essentially the same thing.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

meet my brother

for anyone who doesn't know my brother is an aspiring musician. he's only in his first year of sixth form but still he's permanently attached to his guitar. he's recently decided to enter the world of youtube so here is his first video and i'm so proud of him that i just had to share it with you all! be nice!

do you have any new acoustic artists to recommend?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

current perfume favourites

cher lloyd* 30ml £15
i went to the launch for this ages ago now and to be honest i had really thought much of the product. the packaging struck me as a bit tacky looking and the scent wasn't really anything special... but when i rediscovered it in one of my drawers i ws so surprised by how much i loved it!  it's super sweet and florally, very girly. nice as an everyday scent but sadly not very long lasting. i'm thinking i might transfer the fragrance into a smaller bottle so i can carry it around in my bag.

benefit laugh at me leelee 30ml £29.50
this was a gift from a friend and i have to say it is fast becoming my favourite fragrance. its a much heavier fragrance than i tend to wear in the day, but not overpoweringly so. the fragrance is the perfect mix between girly and mature, perfect for where i am in my life right now. i always feel so grown up when i wear it. (yes i am so very sad) it also has the added bonus of being the perfect size to throwing into even my smallest bag.

vera wang princess night 30ml £30
how gorgeous is this bottle?! it's totally covered in glitter, with a little crown on top, giving it pride of place on my dresser. this is definitely a night fragrance as the name suggests. it's fruity but not too overly sweet. again quite heavy making it last through the evening.

victoria's secret pink body mist 75ml 
i got this on a whim when the victoria's secret store opened in london. it reminds me of my first ever perfume 'dior light blue'. it's very light as would be expected from a body mist and the packaging makes it perfect to chuck in my bag on the way to dance class. i really don't know how to describe the scent as it is neither floral nor fruity, or it doesn't appear to be. but nevertheless it smells amazing! i can't remember exactly how much it was but i believe it was somewhere between £5-10.

what is your favourite perfume right now?

Friday, 11 January 2013

notd: nyc blackout & look beauty sequin effect

| nyc nail polish in blackout £2.99 | look beauty nail pop in sequin effect £5 |

this was a completely unexpected combination but one that i can't seem to stop wearing. i first wore this for my xmas ball but was planning on pairing the black with nyc 'lights, camera, glitter'. instead i found this polish from look beauty in my 'to review' box and thought the gold sequins would look amazing on top. so when it dried and i, instead, got this green/orange/yellow combo i was a little surprised. it looks has a sort of cosmic, space vibe don't you think? totally appropriate for a night at the national space centre and for so many other things since! i can't wait to try this effects polish over loads of different colours!

what nail polish have you been wearing lately? any effects polishes to try?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

empties #6

these were mostly from my first term but i finished quite a few bits and pieces when i got back home leaving me with quite a collection. a large proportion i totally loved and most of that i ended up re-purchasing or intend to when i finally get a job! so here are my latest set of empties...

the good
| batiste cherry | batiste  xxl volume | nivea invisible 48hr deodorant | batiste blush mini | panoxyl 2.5% (amazing! but apparently they have stopped making it!) | simple age resisting day cream (amazing!) | the body shop passion fruit bath and shower gel | noble isle summer rising bath and shower gel (this smells so luxurious!) | pure deep cleanse face wipes | loreal ever pure shampoo | neutrogena pink grapefruit facial wash (smells amazing! i need to repurchase this!) | clairol  colourseal conditioning gloss x2|

the bad
| hackett hair and body wash | argetum la potion infinie (review to follow)| schwarzkopf permanent hair colour in real red (now i've washed my hair a few times it looks okay but when i first dyed it my scalp was bright orange!) | m&s magnolia hand and nail cream |


the (possibly) re-purchased
batiste cherry | batiste  xxl volume | nivea invisible 48hr deodorant | batiste blush mini | panoxyl 2.5% | simple age resisting day cream | the body shop passion fruit bath and shower gel | | loreal ever pure shampoo | neutrogena pink grapefruit facial wash | clairol  colourseal conditioning gloss x2|

what products have you been trying to use up recently?

Monday, 7 January 2013


dear mama
i miss you already

dear tom
i'm sorry we couldn't spend more time together. work hard. these next few months will fly by.

dear loughborough
the past 3 weeks were empty without you. i'm so happy we have finally been reunited.

dear daddy
it's going to get easier. just stay strong. don't worry about me.

dear re-freshers
please come around faster!

dear home friends
i know you're all busy but please come visit soon.

dear me
buckle down, drink less and keep on being you. don't let anyone get you down. also stick to that diet. it's going to be worth it when you look and feel amazing.

dear exams
can you just be over now please. this is getting silly.

nb. i borrowed the idea for this off the amazing raquel who does her 'friday letters'. go and check her blog out, it is beyond awesome!

Friday, 4 January 2013

loosing the fresher 15

i've been saying i am going to loose weight for a while but it was very difficult in first term as i tried to find my feet and learn independence. breaking my ankle didn't really help as i wasn't able to run or do dance or cheerleading or any of the other things i loved. but recently i saw a picture of me that made me really unhappy. i'd really allowed myself to get to a size that i don't feel comfortable with. i don't feel as healthy and energised as i did before and so this year i really need to buckle down and starting getting rid of that weight i've been building up this last term. especially as my new years resolution is to loose 1 1/2 stone! the picture above may not be my most attractive photo but it symbolises exactly where i want to be. i might not have been at my skinniest but i was at my happiest weight. a point where i finally accepted myself for who i was, and that is where i want to get to again. i'm not going to go on any fad diet or anything i just want to make a few big changes in my life and hopefully that'll help me shift these extra pounds.

1) only eat when i'm hungry
i'm really bad when it comes to this. i am an awful 'bored' eater. if i can't think of anything else to do then i just eat without giving it a second thought. it's sent my body into some weird mode where i can no longer tell when i'm actually hungry. so next terms goal is to begin to properly feel hungry again and only eat at these times!

2) go to all of my exercise classes every week
obviously this wasn't possible last term, but i have an awful habit of forgetting to go to things like this. or finding something 'more important' to do. considering most classes are only an hour i'm being a massive baby by not going and just finding an excuse to cover the fact i can't really be bothered. there are no excuses this year! time to get up and move!

3) take up running
i used to love running but i've got so out of shape that the thought of it now really intimidates me. i really want to get back into it this year and stop being scared of it! i've got a few friends who are interested in starting it this year too so i'm hoping we can go out with a few of us to make it a little less scary.

4) drink more water
i've tried this many a time but i always fall back into old habits. water has so many amazing benefits, not only will it help my skin but it increases your metabolism and thus you burn more fat. so the answer is easy.... drink more of it!

5) stop drinking fizzy drinks
this one is going to be hard. i don't really drink a lot of fizzy stuff anyway but it is my default mixer for nights out and i really want to change that. they have so much sugar in and no really nutritional value at all. so it's going to be squash or juice from now on!

6) watch portion size
it's not really a secret that i love food, i have such a tendency to eat food just because it tastes nice, even if i don't really need to eat it. so this year i've got to learn that waste is okay. if i have food left over i can always freeze it or put it in the fridge to eat at another time. i think the main way i'm going to aid this is to eat out of smaller bowls/plates. apparently it tricks your body into thinking you are fuller? i shall report back!

have you decided to loose weight this year? got any tips?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

sampling samples #1

i've seen a couple of bloggers do something similar to this and i thought it was such a good idea i had to get in the action! my drawers are over flowing with samples but you can't really write a whole review on them so i thought i could do a sort of 'first impressions/would i repurchase' type review, choosing around 5/6 products for each post.

1. monu extra rich night cream
i decided to use this on a whim and it has become a staple in my skincare routine. it is especially for dry/sensitive skin so its super moisturising, perfect for a night cream. i'm not a massive fan of the smell but until i find something that works as well this is set to stay.

2. balance me wonder eye cream
this was another product i just grabbed out of the box when i had nothing else to use. it smells really nice and is really soothing on the eyes. i feel like its made a big difference to my eye area and i can definitely tell when i haven't used it.

3. dead sea spa magik delicate boosting mask
i thought i'd try a new face mask whilst i was home and this was one i've had knocking around for a while. it is especially to nourish dry skin and goodness me does it work a treat! i used it after i washed my face, when it was feeling a bit dry and tight. it totally eliminated this making it feel soft and smooth. will i repurchase? definitely at some point in the future.

4. yves rocher sexy pulp mascara
my favourite mascara right now. the shape of the brush makes it really easy to get all of your lashes and it made mine look so long and thick. this is a definite repurchase once i have used up all of my others clogging up my drawer.

5.  garnier body intensive 7 day
so i am halfway through the 7 day challenge for this and i can already feel the difference. it is so unbelievably moisturising and makes such a difference to my dry, scaly legs.

have you tried any of these? are you a fan of samples?

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