Tuesday, 19 March 2013

what? where? she's back?

yes... another apology for super long absence. these seem to be becoming a regular thing and i'm so sorry about that! it's easy for me to say 'but i've been so busy!' because lets face it, there are so many super busy men and women who still manage to churn out loads of good content day in day out. but every time i think i'll have spare time to blog there seems to be something else that steals some more of my time and once again blogging seems to take a back seat. that's not to say i don't love it anymore, just that i think my blog might just be in need of taking a different route that i can really fit into my new lifestyle and make something i really want to sink my teeth into.

i am loving being a student more than anything else before. not only is my course really interesting but i have so many amazing opportunities.  so i thought i'd share some of them with you so you could see what i've been up to this past few months...

refreshers went off without a hitch. far too much alcohol was consumed but we had so many amazing nights out and the pictures are definitely there to prove it!

i had my first cheerleading competition (one point to whoever can spot me!) we did so much better than we ever expected! now we're so much motivated for our next competition and really pushing ourselves as much as possible!

i was elected onto my hall committee as the rep for volunteering and environmental/sustainability issues. i'm so excited as i was massively involved in it all anyway so this just helps me make the next step up and opens me up to so many more exciting opportunities!

old friends came up to visit

and new friends were made

i think we can safely say all round it was a great term for me and here's hoping the rest of my first year stays the same.

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