Saturday, 31 August 2013

collection cream puff

| (l-r) collection cream puff in angel delight, fairy cake, cotton candy, powder puff £2.99- superdrug/boots |
during my time in sixth form these were my most loved lip products by a clear mile! i would wear them day in day out and owned the whole set in less than a week! i've always been a fan of a matte lip and these are the perfect penny pinching way to achieve it.

the formula of the product is wonderful. it's so smooth and easy to apply. i've never known a product to feel so great on my lips. it's moisturising but not in an obvious way. the finish it leaves on my lips is beautiful, it's matte but still with a slight sheen giving it a natural looking finish. the pigmentation is amazing but it can be lessened with a little blotting making it great for even the most nervous make-up user.

i am beyond excited to have rediscovered these lip creams. with most lip products i'm too scared to use it too much in case i run out, but since these only cost £2.99 i can use them to my heart's content! if only there were some more shades to collect! get on it collection!

have you tried the cream puffs? do you like matte lips?

big ♥,

Friday, 30 August 2013

my favourite summer polishes

i know the whole idea of this sort of post is that i'm meant to give a few of my favourite polishes of the season but i just couldn't pick! with that in mind here is my selection of summer polishes for anyone looking to add a few shades to their collection.

| (l-r) models own indian ocean & hedonist, barry m mint green, lemon ice cream & peach melba, headline colours catwalk* |
indian ocean is unlike any other polish i own. the effect it gives on your nails is like a beautiful beach from a postcard, shimmering as you move your hand. the pastel polishes are my perfect spring to summer polish. they look so fresh and i like to wear them with a different colour on each finger when i'm feeling a bit more adventurous!

as for hedonist and catwalk they are both variations on the same shade. for me catwalk is a more everyday colour as it it slightly more muted, whilst hedonist is perfect for those big nights out. it glows under the club lights and looks amazing! i've never had so many people compliment me on my nails!

| (l-r) primark neons set,  orly rock on red*, mua shade 9, nails inc with instyle bluebell, ciate mistress* |
these polishes from primark were an utter bargain! they actually come as a set of four but i'm not a fan of the green shade. they need a few coats but give a gorgeous neon colour! not bad for 50p each. the orly shade is a gorgeous bright pink, which although similar to a few other shades i own is the one i always reach for.

the mua blue is slightly muted which i love. although not the greatest formula ever i like this for one day wear. its especially with a matte top coat. the shade from nails inc is so unique. i've never seen a shade like it and it is a staple for me in the spring to summer transition, one that i am always excited to rediscover. i love the bottles from ciate!this shade, mistress, is the perfect orange toned red. i love to pair it with a black outfit. it really stands out and makes a statement with your nails.

so it would seem i have a bit of a thing for neons and pastels... although i tend to wear a lot of these more in the summer i do think they are shades perfect for all year round, i just have to choose the appropriate moment!

what are your favourite polishes at the moment?

big ♥,

Thursday, 29 August 2013

vivo shimmer blocks

| (l-r) vivo shimmer bronzer block* in 'fully loaded shimmer' and blusher block* in 'shimmer and spice' £3.99- tesco/online |

i've never been a massive fan of shimmer bricks. whilst everyone else seemed to love the i just never really understood the point. but when i swatched these bad boys i found i could not have been more wrong!

the shades that you get from swirling the colours together in the pan is just beautiful. the colours have such depth and are definitely shimmery as opposed to glittery. these can be worn with all the shade swirled together (as seen above) or one section separately but i found that logistically far more difficult! the colours are highly pigmented and are easy to apply and blend, with minimal fallout. at only £3.99 they are definitely worth a look on your next trip into tesco!

do you like shimmer blocks? any i should check out?

big ♥,

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

current favourites

i don't do monthly favourites simply because i don't tend to switch around my products often enough to warrant doing them. but every now and again i find a nice selection of new bits and bobs to share. most of these i took away with me on holiday 

the sleek blusher palette is one i had lusted after for such a long time! the shades in the 'lace' palette are just exquisite and suit my complexion perfectly. they are also pocket sized, so you get 3 shades in easily manageable sizes which are still small enough to chuck into a travel bag. the mua pro-brow kit* was one i grabbed from my collection in a rush as i packed. i had never got much use out of it but it has been a godsend this month. there is a mix of two powder shades alongside a set of tweezers, a brush, a highlighting powder and an eyebrow gel. my ever changing hair colour means that i need to have access to a variety of different powder shades and i found that through mixing the two shades i was able to get a pretty good colour for my brows. as always i had my trusty mascara by my side and this month i've been trying out the nyc showtime mascara. i can honestly say this may be my favourite mascara ever. it does everything i have ever wanted in a mascara and it is cheap as chips! i know i don't need to buy any more mascaras but this is a definite repurchase!

the heat in spain can lead to you feeling a little dishevelled and i found a couple of products were super helpful in making me feel fresh and clean again! the anatomicals 'spray misty for me' facial spritz* contains a variety of fancy ingredients from peppermint, to aloe and witch hazel making it wonderfully soothing on the skin. a part of me wants to shrug it off as fancy water but i know that water would not give anywhere near the same effect! the perfect flying companion  in my eyes. as for my hair, i used a variety of products but these are two that have stayed in my routine upon my return. i've always loved batiste dry shampoo but i'd never tried this brown one. i love it not only because it refreshes my hair but it also hides my ever growing roots effectively! i also used the aussie 'take the heat' leave in cream. i alternated this product with my aussie leave in conditioner, putting it in my hair before i sat in the sun. my hair was definitely far less dry and brittle than on other holidays and i am sure it was down to those products!

as for skin care i kept it to a bare minimum when i was on holiday keeping up with my usual bioderma and simple day cream combo but you can't go out in the spanish heat without a good facial spf. i started off using up a couple of samples i got in glossy boxes but when i ran out of those i picked up this nivea sun cream in the local supermarket. it feels far lighter than a sun cream you would use for your body and the spf 50 is definitely reassuring. i've actually continued using it in the uk and it is perfect to pop on before your make-up. i bought the simple eye cream around the same time as my day cream but never got around to using it. its far better than i had imagined, working beautifully in conjunction with my day cream. it's gentle and the perfect consistency, making it easy to apply. i can't decide if i like it as much as the balance me eye cream i was using before but it is definitely making my skin below my eyes look nice so who am i to complain!

have you got any favourite products at the moment?

big ♥,

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

mac snob lipstick

| mac satin lipstick in snob- £15.00 |

my uncle always gets it right when it comes to presents. he saw this was on my wishlist and picked it up for me last xmas. a light, barbie pink is one lipstick i didn't have in my collection and i'd heard so much about snob in the blogosphere. really it was hard to resist.

i have to be honest and say that it's not a lipstick i will wear everyday. the blue and lilac undertones make it a very cooling shade that is far more flattering to me when i am less tanned. however, the formula of the lipstick is wonderful. although not moisturising it doesn't dry the lips out further and glides on effortlessly. i prefer to blot the lipstick slightly to give it a more muted shade on the lips and even despite this it lasts a good few hours before reapplication is necessary. although it is a great product i can't help but wince at the price, mac lipsticks will definitely have to remain as treats or presents!

have you tried snob? what's your favourite mac lipstick?

big ♥,

Monday, 26 August 2013

my cream blushers

| mua blush perfection in bittersweet* and dolly*, topshop blush in crushed berry , vivo cheeky cream blusher in soft flush* |
it has been the season of the cream blusher. in the hots weather they add the perfect flush of colour without feeling or looking heavy on the skin.

my favourites out of the four have to be my mua blushers. they are so creamy and easy to blend. dolly is a shade i have been reaching for a lot these past few weeks. it is the most natural colour to your cheeks and is almost undetectable once applied. to top it all off they are only £2.99, an utter bargain! these are the perfect cream blushers for someone looking try them for the first time.

the topshop blusher was my first cream blush i ever purchased. it has a cream to powder formula leaving the skin more matte after application. this makes them a great for anyone looking to get into cream blush but fearing the dewey finish it can leave, but does require you to blend quickly or it can become patchy. what i love most about this shade is that you can really blend it out to give a more subtle colour and alternatively you can build it up to do the opposite.

the vivo blusher is very similar in colour to 'dolly' by mua. i would say that it is a few shades darker, making it more useful to me when i have a bit of colour on my face. it's not as creamy as the other three but is still blend-able, you just have to be willing to work a little harder with it. but for the price point it is still a great product.

do you like cream blushers? any you would recommend?

big ♥,

Friday, 23 August 2013

boot fair bargains

| bohoo skater dress- £2 | matalan crochet top- £1 | topshop nautical style top- £2 |
| topshop sequin leggings- £2 | topshop purple denim shorts £2 | primark leather shorts £1 | new look jeggings £2 |

the sunday morning boot fairs are one of my favourite things about coming home. i love going down with my mum a selling some of our old bits and pieces, then mid morning i leave her in charge and go in search of bargains. would you believe i bought these seven items from only 2 stalls! the items are all in near new condition and the dress and jeggings still had their original tags! every single piece fits me perfectly and i can honestly say i have not felt so pleased with a set of items in such a long time! and the best bit... they only came to £10!

do you like boot fairs? what has been your best purchase?

big ♥,

Thursday, 22 August 2013

i'm walking on sunshine

| dress- topshop | crochet waistcoat- local boutique | belt- h&m | sandals- fenicks | earings- topshop |

this post was actually supposed to be one of my typical ootd's with some photos taken by my lovely mother, however they were all awful so i decided i wasn't going to publish it. then i came across this photo and it was so lovely i just couldn't resist sharing it with you! we don't have many pictures of me and my mum, mainly because i hate having my picture taken! i know that sounds mental considering i post pictures of myself on the internet in my spare time but i tend to avoid posting pictures with my face directly visible. anyway i digress... i love this picture and it will have pride of place on my wall next year!

big ♥,

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

gosh cc cream

| gosh cc cream*- £8.99 superdrug |
i had heard very little about cc creams before using these but from what i gather the cc stands for colour correcting. i was sceptical as it really did seem like another attempt by brands to build upon the bb cream where it wasn't really necessary but i have step back and say i may have been wrong. in  fact i took this on holiday to form part of my 'holiday bases' post (on the way in the next week or so) and enjoyed using it so much i just felt it had to have its own post!

the consistency is similar to that of a bb cream or a light foundation. it feels light on the skin, giving a light to medium coverage with moisturising properties. i like the finish of this because it is slightly less dewey than a tinted moisturiser but still leaves you with that 'no make-up' make-up look. as the coverage isn't as high as i would normally wear i tend to pop on a little concealer on blemishes and dark circles. this has fast become my go to face product, (alternating with my trusty mua bb cream of course) and it looks like it'll stay that way til summer fades.

there are six shades available giving you a range, but as i have only tried shades 3/4 i can't really comment on how light the shades go. From what i remember i found myself a good match before i'd seen the sun, so i wouldn't rule this out for pale girls! and it is definitely worth a try if you're a lover of bb creams!

have you tried a cc cream?

big ♥,

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

shopping in spain

| shoes €22 - marbella boutique | rimmel mascara €6- carrefour | bare minerals £39- flight |
| blazer €12.99- stradivarius | denim shirt €19.99- pull & bear |
| pringle tank top €10- market | crop top €4.95- stradivarius | tshirt- €7.95- h&m |
as a student i'm pretty low on funds 90% of the time so i barely ever buy clothes. in fact most of my wardrobe is from 4/5 years ago. i knew i was in desperate need of a few pieces to liven up my wardrobe so i took the opportunity to grab a few bits and bobs. i have to say i am super pleaser with everything i picked up especially my black wedges (i plan on wearing them for this years freshers ball!) i think i picked quite carefully as most of the pieces will go with almost everything in my wardrobe. definitely money well spent!

do you like to pick up pieces on holiday?

big ♥,

Monday, 19 August 2013

pool side reading

every year i take a trip down to the library ans stock up on books to take on holiday. it's a time when i really allow myself to be fully immersed in readign again and renew my love of reading which can often be lacking by the end of the academic year. i really enjoyed alot of the books i picked up so i thought i would share my thoughts on each with you

shutter island- dennis lehane
i still can't quite make my mind up on this book. i wouldn't say i was running around raving about it but i certainly always wanted to read more and see what happened next. the story followed two men as they travel to 'shutter island' to help search for an escaped mental patient but nothing is quite as it seems. i still don't quite know how i feel about the ending but i suppose that's the effect the author wanted the readers to leave with. i'm thinking perhaps watching the film might help me make a final decision on how i really feel about it. saying that i would still recommend this, but it is pretty heavy so be aware.

little bird- camilla way
this was the book i thought i would enjoy the least and it actually ended up being one of my favourites! the story begins when elodie is snatched from her pram as a baby and switches between two time periods following various different characters in their everyday lives. you think you know exactly where this story is going and but the twists and turns still manage to shock. this really is my sort of book and i'd be interested to have a look at some books by the same author.

rivers of london- ben aaronovitch
i think this is my favourite of all the books i picked up. i got it after seeing it on bee's blog and wasn't sure it was really my thing. the synopsis does not do the book justice at all and in fact really gives very little away. it's a nice mix of fantasy and crime set in modern day london. it reminds me a little of the sort of books i used to read as a teenager, although it is most definitely written for adults. probably my most highly recommended of all five.

one day- david nicholls
i broke every book readers golden rule and watched the film before i read this, but i don't feel like this hindered my enjoyment of it at all. if i'm honest i couldn't remember much of the film but as i read it bits did begin to come back. the book follows dexter and emma from university right through, spanning 20 years and the lives they create for themselves. i cried, as every sane person would and found the storyline touching and gripping at the same time.

the great gatsby- f.scott fitzgerald
i'll be honest... i know everyone seems to love the great gatsby but i just couldn't get into this. i read about 50 pages before giving up and starting another book. i do plan to go back to it but i can't help but think it may have been built up too much? does it get better?

what have you been reading lately? what should i add to my library list?

big ♥,

Sunday, 18 August 2013

empties #8 | holiday edition

i've got a bit more savvy with my make-up/product packing for holiday's as i've got older. i tend to take products which are sample sized or almost finished to save on both space and weight. this works particularly well for the return flight as i can swap all my empties in my suitcase for any goodies i've bought! so here are the few bits and bobs i used up over the two weeks.

the good
| aussie mega conditioner | fab body wash | nivea soft moisturiser | aloe vera lotion | sun tan lotion | hand lotion | nivea after sun |

the bad
| would you believe it.... i actually liked everything i used up on holiday! |


the (possibly) re-purchased
| aussie mega conditioner | fab body wash | nivea soft moisturiser | aloe vera lotion | nivea after sun |

what products have you been trying to use up recently?

big ♥,


Friday, 9 August 2013

beauty things i suck at

i've seen quite a few people talking about this on youtube and it got me thinking. there is definitely a level of pressure that comes with being a beauty blogger. when i tell people i'm a blogger people definitely assume that means i have perfect make up 24/7, can answer every make-up/hair question they could ever think of  and can achieve every complicated look to grace every magazine cover ever. (that or they ask me what it is!) i can't. in fact there is a who host of beauty things that i suck at.....

putting on eye shadow
when i wear eye shadow i stick to a few neutral shades. it involves minimal blending and you can't go too horrendously wrong. but if i stray from what i know it all goes wrong! i've watched many a tutorial and practised for hours on end but i just don't seem to get any better. i really need to sort this one out because my ever growing eye product collection is sat gathering dust....

shaping my eyebrows
i cannot do it. yes i can pluck them but getting them to resemble any sort of shape other than 'yes here i am' is impossible. i'm lucky in that my brows require minimal effort. they are quite well defined and very rarely grow very unruly but that doesn't stop we lusting after something more shapely. i long for gorgeous thick, shaped brows which help provide a starting point for the strenuous task of preparing my face each day. i know i can pay to have them done but wouldn't life be so much easier if i could just do it myself?

curling my hair
last xmas my mama bought me a curling iron. i'd wanted one for ages as i was anxious to create the beautiful tumbling ringlets i see everyday on some of my favourite bloggers. i curled each strand with anticipation but low and beyond my head looked like something from toddlers and tiaras. the curls were far too tight and didn't sit well on my head. no matter how much i practice i just can't get it right. dear god please someone teach me!

what beauty things do you suck at? please tell me i'm not alone!

big ♥,

Monday, 5 August 2013

avon ultra colour lip crayons

| avon ultra colour lip crayons* in risque rose, showstopper pink, reddy for me, carefree coral, fresh fuchsia (L-R)- £7.50 |
these were the big hit at the avon event. every person i spoke to had their eye on the bright pink shade and i can see why! the shades are all highly pigmented and are easy to apply (i believe it is the addition of shea butter and vitaman e that does this?), giving a glossy finish. a few shades have a slight shimmer and this is worth noting when you are picking shades, if that is something that you don't like of course. however i would add that the shimmer is only slight and not very noticeable on the lips. they aren't as moisturising as say the revlon kissable lip balms, but they certainly aren't drying. this is only five of the six shades available (the other being 'notice me nude') but there is a nice spread of colours available to choose from. 

at £7.50 i'd say these are comparable in price and quality to other high street brands offering the same sort of product. they are definitely worth a look at if you happen to be doing an order and i still live in hope of avon one day being readily available in a store somewhere!

are you a lip crayon fan? any other brands i should try?

big ♥,

Sunday, 4 August 2013

mac strobe cream

| mac strobe cream | 30ml- £12.00 | 50ml- £21.00 |

this was something my mama picked up for me knowing it was on my wishlist. when i first got it i didn't really make much use of it.  i always preferred a matte look but now summer is finally upon us i find myself searching for the soft dewy glow for the first time and rediscovered this product.

this can be used one of two ways: either mixed in with your foundation or as an everyday highlighter on top of your skin or make-up. mixed in with a foundation it makes them feel much lighter and makes my heavy duty products look far less cakey. worn over make-up the product can be used sparingly to create a subtle glow or built up for something a bit stronger and more noticeable. the shade is very flattering pearly white with pink undertones which complements the natural flush of my skin. i would liken it to benefit's high beam but with less pink tones, instead it is far more white.

what i really love about this product is that it is shimmery as opposed to glittery making it perfect to wear both day and night. mac list it as a moisturiser on its website and i can see why. it really does make the skin feel amazing and worn as a base under make-up it doesn't feel dissimilar to a moisturiser. i am definitely glad i rediscovered this product. it is the perfect summertime accompaniment to my make-up routine and although the price is a little hard to justify, you use so little with each time that you get more than your moneys worth!

what do you use to get a dewy glow?

big ♥,

Saturday, 3 August 2013

bourjois ultra shine so laque! | fuchia hype

i've had this polish for a while now. i bought it a treat to myself when i left my barry m 'raspberry' polish at home. the polish goes on opaque in two coats (you can get away with one if they are thick!) and is the most beautiful sophisticated shade of red. it's an easy go to colour which i find myself reaching towards for many a night out. it's just so easy to apply and dries almost instantly! i think i might be in love. i will definitely be looking to pick up some more of these bourjois polishes.                           

big ♥,

Friday, 2 August 2013

so get yourself on an aeroplane

| maxi dress- republic | jumper- h&m | sandals- new look | bag- stolen from my mama |

that happy face up there is courtesy of seeing the sunshine upon landing in malaga.  i'm really picky with what i wear on planes: skirts tend to be too short and denim is too uncomfortable. so when i found this dress in my wardrobe i was sure i's be taking it on holiday, and more than that it was perfect for flight wear. it's nice and light so perfect for when the heat of Spain hit me on the other side, but with the addition of the jumper it was warm enough to combat the english weather at 4am (remind me to never book an early flight again!). now i've got the problem of deciding what to wear for the flight home!

big ♥,

Thursday, 1 August 2013

my favourite fitness apps

my weight loss journey is well and truly under way and i am not ashamed to say i've had a little help on the way. obviously i've had help from my mama, as my slimming world consultant she keeps me on the straight and narrow but when she isn't there i have to look to other sources. nowadays there are so many different apps and websites to help you loose weight and get fit, but here are my favourites.

the eatery| FREE
this is basically food instagram (that would be normal instagram then....) you take pictures of your meals and snacks, which people then rate based on how healthy they think it is. you are then given a % at the end of the week for hopw healthy your week has been. i love going through and rating other peoples food! i get so many great ideas, and it';s also nice to be able to scroll through your own food and see what you've been eating. it's a bit like a visual food diary.

myfitnesspal | FREE
although i'm a member of slimming world i still like to be aware of the amount of calories i consume a day. this app lets you record your exercise for the day and any food you have so you know your overall daily calorie intake. there is also the option to input how much you want to loose each week and the app will tell you your max calories you should consume each day to achieve your goal. not bad for something completely free!

workout apps | FREE (but can pay to upgrade for further exercises)
i use a variety of different youtube channels and videos for ideas for exercises but these are handy if i'm out on the go and fancy doing something a bit active. each app has a selection of exercises and workouts designed to help tone up and burn fat depending on which one you use. they are all made by the same company so they all have a similar format. each exercise is explained step by step and you have the option to upgrade each one if you want more exercises.

run keeper | FREE
this is a great app for anyone looking to document their workouts. i put it on before i start a workout and then follow a programme. it allows me to see how far i've run and documents my route i have taken that day. there is a variety of one off or long term programmes you can follow, so there really is something for everyone. as it's free i'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to start running or someone who already runs and just wants to document it more easily!

slimming world | FREE
i mainly use this app for the 'syns on the go' feature. anyone who has done/is doing slimming world will know that when you want to eat something not knowing the syn value is highly frustrating. the app allows you to log in using your website details and type in a product name or food type and then give you the value instantly. this is a life saver!

5k runner| £1.99 (but has a free trial, of 4 workouts)
i'm planning on doing the colour run in brighton this coming September so i've been using this app to get me prepared. it starts from the absolute beginning and works up to 5k using 3 workouts every week for 8 weeks. i've been doing about 5 a week so it should obviously take me a lot less time but it allows you the option to do it as much or little as you so wish. this is by far my favourite of all the apps and always leaves me feeling motivated and happy. worth every penny.

what apps do you use? have you found any fitness apps i should download?

big ♥,

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