Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Forever Living Clean 9 Detox | Day 3

Day 3 is almost over and I have to say it has been WAY easier than the first two. I think the fact that I knew I was going to have food was what spurred me on.

Today's plan looked a little like this...

2 Forever Garcinia Plus (20 mins before aloe)
120ml (4oz) Aloe Vera Gel + minimum 240ml (8oz) water
Meal replacement shake - 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
20 minutes of exercise – walk, run, cycle or swim
2 Forever Bee Pollen + 240ml (8oz) water
2 Forever Garcinia Plus (20 mins before aloe)
Meal replacement shake - 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
2 Forever Bee Pollen tablets
2 Forever Garcinia Plus (20 mins before aloe)
120ml (4oz) Aloe Vera Gel + minimum 240ml (8oz) water
600-Calorie Meal
2 Forever Bee Pollen
Minimum 240ml (8oz) water

Although today doesn't look much different from yesterday the extra intake has made all the difference to my morale. Because I knew food was coming in the near future I found it so much easier to push through any hunger and weirdly I had so much more energy today. I didn't know what to do with myself! Zumba was a breeze and I'm itching to get to yoga and move about a bit, to try and expel some of it somewhere! I don't know if it was the increased calorie intake or something else? But whatever it was I am a fan! I'm actually starting to get weirdly attached to the aloe. (That's not to say I like it!) But it did feel strange having less of it today. Having to have two shakes each day now instead of the one has been awful, simply because I hate them so much. I'm forcing them down with plenty of water and hoping for the best.

I was worried about the 600 calorie meal, simply because I wasn't sure what to eat. In the end I made the concoction above: Mixed salad with some peppers and red onion, topped with goats cheese, chicken and roasted butternut squash, finished off with a poached egg and a little low fat dressing. DELISH! And it came in at just over 350 calories! That meant I could test myself to a few healthy snacks during the day too which was amazing!

Now for the good news... as I said in yesterday's post I have decided not to weigh myself until the morning after the last day (keep it a surprise and all that) but I did measure myself today to check my progress and... *drumroll* I have lost 2 inches off every part of my body I measured! Now I can't be sure if that figure will get higher or lower as time goes on but it's certainly given me a bit more motivation to push on! 

Here's to day 4!

Big ♥,

NB If you're interested in doing the detox too I am a distributor of the products and am happy to help :) but fyi This series of blog posts is not a hard sell, I am 100% honest in my experiences as I want to help others who may be thinking of doing it! It is simply a day by day aid to help anyone looking for more information and to see how the detox affects others.


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