Saturday, 19 April 2014

Forever Living Clean 9 Detox | Days 4, 5 & 6

I was hoping to get all these posts up on the days but found I didn't really have enough to say for each one so it seemed best to merge them all! All the days from now on are the same and look a bit like this...

2 Forever Garcinia Plus (20 mins before aloe)
120ml (4oz) Aloe Vera Gel + minimum 240ml (8oz) water
Meal replacement shake - 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
20 minutes of exercise – walk, run, cycle or swim
2 Forever Bee Pollen + 240ml (8oz) water
2 Forever Garcinia Plus (20 mins before aloe)
Meal replacement shake - 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra with 300ml (10oz) skimmed or soya milk
2 Forever Bee Pollen tablets
2 Forever Garcinia Plus (20 mins before aloe)
120ml (4oz) Aloe Vera Gel + minimum 240ml (8oz) water
600-Calorie Meal
2 Forever Bee Pollen
Minimum 240ml (8oz) water

So with that in mind here is my breakdown of the three days:

Day 4
Day 4 was easier than I thought it would be. The shakes were still unbearable but I managed to split my 600 calories up effectively to give myself an evening meal and a few small snacks during the day. I kept wanting to pick at everything around me but I just made sure to count absolutely everything. I had more energy than I have in god knows how long and that in itself is amazing!

Day 5
Day 5 was a bit of a disaster day for me... I went off the rails big style. We had a family gathering and despite my best efforts it resulted in me going WAY over my 600 calorie allowance. Initially I felt really annoyed at myself but I really enjoyed the day and I know had I have not done it I would have just been craving for the whole of the next 4 days. The shakes still tasted awful (but are super filling!) and the aloe is getting easier and easier to chug down. (I reckon I'll probably keep taking it after the detox until I run out!)

Day 6
I decided after the disaster of day 5 to take my measurements and go and weigh myself today in an attempt to either shock myself into working harder or motivate me to keep going. So my day started with a trip down to the gym to use their super scales and I honestly don't think I could have been more shocked! I have lost 3lbs since starting, which for me is almost unheard of, as well as 12.5 inches from various parts of my body! But for me the most exciting part was seeing that my body fat % had decreased by 1.2%! I've been working super hard on building lean muscle and shredding away the fat so for me the actual weight lose isn't as important as seeing a figure like that! It totally spurred me on to push through to the end. Following that I had the most amazing lunch with some old friends today and they deliberately cooked something nice and healthy for me which was amazing and super tasty! (Picture above) Now its time for my evening shake and then onto work for the evening. A successful day all round I'd say!

Not long until the end now and I'm feeling more and more confident about finishing it, especially after this morning's boost! So here's to the next 3!

Big ♥,

NB If you're interested in doing the detox too I am a distributor of the products and am happy to help :) but fyi This series of blog posts is not a hard sell, I am 100% honest in my experiences as I want to help others who may be thinking of doing it! It is simply a day by day aid to help anyone looking for more information and to see how the detox affects others.


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