Sunday, 27 April 2014

Organising My Life | Weekly Planners

The other day I had an entire afternoon free and I was feeling a little less perky than usual. So I did what any normal person would do and decided to do some arts and crafts. I had these old photo frames in my cupboard and rather than throw them away I thought I would transform them into weekly dry-wipe planners. So I cracked out my bag of arty goodies and set to work!

My first project was a weekly day to day planner. I've been wanting to buy a whiteboard to use to create a visual for myself but I kept putting it off because they were so darn expensive. I made this one with some card, old wrapping paper and some cute little foam hearts I collected at some point. It was quick and easy. (The hardest part being drawing out the lines!) Once I'd stuck it all together I just popped it in the frame and got started writing out my schedule for the whole of next week. I have to admit having a massive A3 adaptable timetable for myself has made my life a million time easier! Plus it looks so cute!

My second creation of the day was a weekly meal and exercise planner to help me keep on track when I get back to university, as well as reducing my food waste. I wish I could take the credit for this beautiful template but truthfully it was something I discovered here on Cassie's blog. (Pop on over it is beautiful!) I was going to make my own but I couldn't imagine making anything anywhere near as nice! I decided rather than printing it out every week I could save on time and money by popping it in a frame just like my weekly schedule planner. 

I'm getting so much use out of both the planners already! I love seeing a visual representation of my week, it makes me feel so much more prepared and organised!

Do you like doing crafty projects? How do you stay organised?

Big ♥,


  1. Such a fab idea! I may have to steal this idea as I really need to get my fitness/food organised.

    Charley xoxo

  2. Such a great idea!! I have a planner where I write everything down , if i didn't id forget. Great post x

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