Friday, 25 April 2014

Rosie Gets Healthy | Metcalfe's Skinny

| Metcalfe's Skinny Rice cakes in Milk Chocolate and Topcorn in Sea Salt |
Anyone who know me personally or follows me on Twitter or Instagram will know that I have been on a mission to get healthy for the past few months. I've obviously recently tried a detox and am now looking at returning to my healthy eating habits and workouts. As part of the process I've been discovering some healthier versions of naughty treats that I enjoyed, as well as amazing exercise classes and workout routines to do myself. So I thought I would do a little bit of series about the little bits I've picked up, workout classes I've really enjoyed and other health related bits and bobs. Join my on my mission to get healthy and happy!

These two snacks are something that I just HAVE to have in my cupboard. As a student I am often up super late (especially in exam season) finishing assignments or studying for tests. And like many others I get super hungry and want something to treat myself with out consuming hundreds of calories in one sitting. The multi-pack bags of popcorn are perfect because I can easily grab them on the way to library and know that I have a handy snack size bag so I can't overeat for the sake of it! At only 52 calories per pack they are absolutely amazing and you can grab them in so many flavours! I know I'll definitely be back off to Poundland to scout out some more when I get back to Uni!

This rice cakes are just something else! When I used to think of rice cakes I imagined them plain, tasteless and boring but now I've found the amazing amazing ways to spice up my plain ones as well as discovering these absolute gems! Yes I realised milk chocolate isn't healthy and I am trying to cut out diary as much as possible, but for these I made an exception. When I have a craving for chocolate one of these is an amazing alternative. The chocolate is just enough that I don't feel cheated and the rice cake helps fill me up a little more than a chocolate bar would. At only 82 calories they make me feel a little bit better about having a bit of an indulgence.

I managed to pick both of these up in Poundland and if you have one near to you I would definitely recommend popping and seeing what you can find. I find most of my snacks in there now days!

What are your favourite healthier alternatives?

Big ♥,


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