Friday, 11 July 2014

Life Lessons I Learnt From Yoga

1. Taking YOU time is necessary
I am happy to admit I hate being alone. I thrive being around people and can get very easily lonely but that means my mind is permanently awake and never really gets a break. Although Yoga isn't something I do alone I spend the whole time in silence and a large proportion of the time with my eyes closed. I found that this sensation of being by myself really helped me to calm and centre myself and I've begun to discover the joy of spending time with myself doing things that I love.

2. Strength is not only physical
When you're trying to learn a new pose, obviously you need physical strength but ninety percent of the time it's a mental block that is stopping you from fully committing to it. The same goes for life. Your emotional strength is so important and is what gets you through. It is what makes you gain that physical strength. It's what makes you want for more. It's what gets you through all those hard times when you thought you couldn't give any more. And that is what I aim for.

3. Holding onto anger is pointless
I am not one to hold a grudge. By that I mean, after a good month or so I can move past a situation enough to be civil. But having been to a session holding onto more rage than is healthy after 90 minutes of stretching and bending it all seems to just melt away. It all seems unimportant in the grand scheme of my life and as a result I now live by the 24hr rule. Will it matter in 24hrs? No? Then why be angry? Take a breath and move on. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die.

4. Age is nothing but a number
I have never been able to headstand and I watched men and women 3 times my age sit upside down for 10 minutes at a time, stretch further than me, move quicker than me and quite simply excel above most people in that room, and why shouldn't they? Hard work and persistence is what makes that happen, how many years you've been on the this planet and how people perceive you should be able to move have no little input. Age is only a number if you want it to be.

5. There is no substitute for hard work
Lets face it we all know those people who seem to get everything handed to them on a plate but there really is no substitute for knowing that you truly earned something and put in all that effort yourself. It's that feeling of pride and satisfaction in achieving a goal that really makes it all worth while. And that day I finally get my headstand you better believe I will be so damn happy and proud of myself that everyone within a 5 mile radius will know about it!

6. You need to make time
We all live such busy lives now days that it's near enough impossible to totally switch off. I was one of the guilty ones, constantly saying 'I don't have time'. But the truth is you have to make time. Just 10 minutes of 'nothingness' and you come back so much more fresh and focused. its just making that period to do it in. Make time for the things you love. Even if it means getting up a little earlier.

7. You don't need to tolerate negative energy
We all want to be happy, so why to we put up with so many things that make us so unhappy. My parents always taught me 'if you don't love something don't do it'. Don't put up with those negative feelings. Don't force yourself to do something you hate. And the same goes for people. It's not selfish to cut someone from your life if they bring negativity into your life. I have very few people I dislike but those I do I find bring the wrong kind of energy into my life and make me unhappy and as far as I'm concerned no one should have to put up with that.

Big ♥,


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