Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rosie gets Healthy | TREK Protein Flapjacks

| TREK Protein Flapjacks £1.39- Holland and Barrett/ Some Supermarkets |

I'll be honest I've never been a big flapjack girl, I'd much rather have a piece of cake. But when I found out I had to start cutting gluten out of my diet I had to start looking for alternatives and that's where these beauties came in.

I found them when browsing the gluten free aisle in the supermarket and anything with chocolate or coconut in it immediately has my attention. I'm also not great at reaching my daily protein needs so any I can get is great for me and these contain 9g, significantly more than my usual treats!

To be honest they taste like your standard flapjack but obviously with the additional flavours. I LOVE the cocoa coconut flavour. It's so delicious with a cup of green tea after a workout as a bit of a treat. And although it said on the packaging that they contain 'protein crunchies', I couldn't taste these really so if that's not something you're not keen on I wouldn't worry.

Although these are a little on the pricey side, I have occasionally seen them on offer and there is a variety of flavours available (although not all are gluten free). I'm definitely happy to pick up one of these as a treat instead of a chocolate bar!

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