Thursday, 29 January 2015

What to Write?

I love blogging. It has always been something that has brought me so much happiness and really focused my thoughts, but I found that as I student I just don't have the time to put into it that I used to. You get so caught up in life and making the most of your student experience that sometimes there isn't any time left for anything else.

But yet I still have all of these views and opinions that I want to share with people. (And sadly my flatmates don't always want to listen to me rant about all of the things that anger and upset me in the world around me). Sometimes I feel like I have so many things I want to say that I don't even know where to begin. My drafts box has hundreds of blog post titles I've typed and then left empty because I've been so overwhelmed at the thought of trying to process my thoughts, and turn them into something worth reading that I can't even start. But more than that, quite simply put: I compare myself. I look at what others are writing and how eloquently they put across their views and it makes me shrink back and eventually decide that what I am writing isn't worth anyone else reading anyway. Not when someone else is doing it seemingly better than me anyway.

So I thought write a diary. That'll be the answer! But I already know my own opinion and how I feel about all of these issues. How am I meant to try to change all those big issues that I dream about if I keep all this knowledge to myself. No one can read my mind and pull those thoughts out onto a page but me. And no one else will have an identical view to me. Our thoughts are all unique and that is why it is so interesting to see what others have to say. Because we know that no one is exactly the same as us.

It would be wrong to let an opinionated nature be wasted when everyone has something to bring to each debate or discuss. And it would be wrong to let yourself get in your own way and make yourself feel inadequate. We are limited by the walls we build around ourselves. So this is me knocking down that wall and letting myself know I can do whatever I want and write whatever I want, whether that's about politics or lipstick. It just takes a bit of belief.

Big ♥,


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