101 things in 1001 days

In modern life I think its quite easy to get sucked up and pulled along, as everything seems to always be moving so fast. All those little things that we always mean to get done or just wanted to one day do get left behind, so when I was recently made aware of the day zero project it seemed like a wonderful way to keep myself focused on all of those goals and ideas that often get neglected. 

the aim: complete 101 tasks in 1001 days. 

start date: 7th July 2014
finish date: 1st April 2017
number of tasks completed: 4/101

red text = finished with completion date
green text = in progress

1. write a letter to myself to open in 10 years time
2. sleep under the stars
3. complete my degree
4. go vegan for a week
5. go glamping
6. go to hampton court flower show with mum
7. got to the henley regatta
8. go to a spa with mum
9. get a tattoo
10. find and reach my 'happy weight'
11. go skydiving
12. go and see a chelsea match with my dad
13. go to wimbledon
14. milk a cow
15. ride the circle line the whole way round
16. plant a tree
17. expand my vocabulary by 100 words (0/100)
18. sing karaoke in a bar
19. have dinner by candlelight
20. make homemade pasta
21. go skinny dipping
22. kiss in the rain
23. make cake pops
24. grow and cook my own vegetables
25. ride in a hot air balloon

26. learn to skate board
27. ride in a helicopter
28. go to a film premiere
29. do exercise regularly (8/7/14)
30. learn to belly dance
31. do yoga/pilates (7/7/14)
32. see the northern lights
33. travel alone somewhere
34. watch all of the lord of the rings films back to back
35. perform with my brother
36. send a secret in to post secret
37. try epilating
38. spend an afternoon reading in the park
39. learn how to alter clothes
40. go paintballing
41. fast for one day of ramadan
42. visit a food festival
43. leave 10 anonymous post it note messages in borrowed books [0/10]
44. learn to play an impressive sounding piece on the piano
45. create a budget and stick to it (24/1/15)
46. drive a car round a motor racing circuit
47. visit an ice bar
48. give 5 'i saw this and thought of you' gifts [0/5]
49. visit 3 uk cities i've never been to before [2/3] (Edinburgh, Ascot)
50. send someone flowers, just because

51. send 10 people letters, just because [0/10]
52. redesign my blog to make it something i'm really proud of
53. buy a new bed
54. attend a show at london fashion week
55. try absinthe
56. write a list of things that make me unhappy and burn it
57. do a 5k race and run the entire thing (no stopping)
58. do pole fitness
59. workout with a personal trainer
60. fly first class somewhere
61. create something on a pottery wheel
62. take part in operation beautiful
63. hand in an assignment a week early
64. kiss someone at midnight on new years
65. join a gym/exercise class and actually go (9/7/14)
66. go fruit picking
67. build and light a bonfire
68. leave a bunch of flowers on a strangers gravestone
69. learn how to write my name in chinese
70. see cirque du soleil
71. make a patchwork quilt or cushion
72. cook 10 recipes from pinterest [0/10]
73. take a road trip
74. complete the 30 day shred
75. buy something from a shopping channel

76. learn to knit
77. attend a midnight showing of a movie
78. participate in a protest
79. start a saving plan for my nose
80. be an extra in a movie or tv show
81. make some handmade cards
82. say no to 5 things i don't want to do, but would normally agree to just to make people happy [0/5]
83. get out of debt
84. attend a future cinema event
85. learn how to use photoshop
86. get eyebrows done professionally
87. attend a taping of a tv show
88. be a zoo keeper for a day
89. learn to drive an automatic car
90. go to glastonbury
91. learn to like/tolerate beer
92. buy a world map to stick up and cover in pins
93. complete my gold duke of edinburgh
94. go to the ballet
95. go to the horse races
96. make a gravity defying cake or a rainbow cake
97. turn my favourite quote into a piece of art
98. go inter-railing
99. do 100 press ups
100. swim with dolphins
101. on day 1001 start a new list with anything I haven't completed and some new goals

like the idea? make one too and link yours below  ♥

*see the original post here and my most recent list here*
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